Monday, August 30, 2010

A very good Endeavor

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Prejudice in your own Country

As a Mason in my every day life i dont hide the fact that i am a part of the Brethren. I dont advertise it but on the other hand i dont hide it. On the other hand i hide my name when i post on this blog. I think its the fact that i fear the the repercussions of my name being dragged in to a smear campaign and being attacked by individuals that have a misinterpreted perception about freemasonry.
You would rightfully ask "what if one of the people you know that have knowledge of you being a mason posts your name online"?
Those people i win over and they understand through my action in daily life that being a Mason is not a threat to society.
Maybe if i where financially secure i would dare it. But im afraid i have some road ahead to reach that.....not complaining though!
I feel that freemasons in this country hid within their lodges and cut them selves off from society. What i mean is that they didn't publicly prove that they are not a "a bunch of rich old men that worship satan and govern the world".
Greece is not like other countries where free masonry is recognized or even acknowledged. In Greece the main perception is a very bad one im afraid and it is attacked by all. Church, left wing, right wing, lower / middle / upper class's and ignorance prevails.
I believe that a certain Mother Lodge and of course many "brothers" prefer this secretive "all mighty" Mason profile and it serves their own agenda. I believe even more so that this is the minority but sadly enough the damage is huge...
I am satisfied that i belong in a Lodge where my Brothers are actually actively caring and involved as much as they can in helping their fellow men and women, regardless of religion, nationality and opinion. To bad that no one knows that the help they receive is suggested in the lodge and all brothers have their vote and as a joint effort part of the lodge's money that comes from the Brothers that pay a subscription (for the Lodge's expenses and the aid fund).
I know that an impression that is lasting for decades can not change from one day to another but measures have to be taken. We must, somehow make society understand.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Alanis Morissette - Uninvited


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Freemasons for Greece 2010-2011

Im afraid Hellas is in trouble.
Even more so in Danger. Danger comes in may forms. Someone said that your worst enemy is your own self. A general public with no standards. No consumer conscience, no moral standards when it comes to choices of politics, supporting religion(!!!), personal beliefs.
Freemason’s through history have been involved in many turn-points in modern history that helped shape democracy and equality. Many brothers from Europe and Hellas especially,  believe that as the world modernized and “businified” Freemason’s closed them selves in the stoic and kept fraternity within its self.
I realize that many believe that what is happening right now in Greece is her own fault. Fair enough. I realize that maybe our society is losing its path when it spends more that it makes just to gloat. But on the other hand it feels like we are under attack. Corruption, oppurtunatism, carelessness, in some points from our own countrymen and politicians. The future is looking dim with many society groups knowing only one way to react. One day strikes which usually end up to violence and in some cases death after being infiltrated almost every time by extremist left wing rioters (who call them selves anarchists) or even “shadow cell’ provocation.
Society is losing its sense of direction. And in my romantic point of view Freemasons should step in and try to aid the lower layers of this society since they are the ones that are more fragile to the current turmoil and events. On the other hand Hellas, a country of 11 million, including a large number of illegal imigrants and refuges has divided in masonic corners in to at least 4 paths plus the Co-ed’s and a few non recognized. Hence corruption, misconception, and misinformed realities even in its self as well.  You should understand by now that the greek national sport is fighting with each other. From whom should society be inspired?
In the past many philhellene brothers rised up to support this country and fought and died for it. European and domestic freemasonry played a crucial part in the war of independence in 1821. Where is that spirit today. For too long Greek brothers have been governed by the divide and conquer tactics of unworthy brothers.
I am very aware that due to prejudice and fear of the unknown, Greece is not an easy stage for freemasons to take a stand and share their ideals with society through practice but at the end of the day people just might change their mind about the brotherhood in this country,  2 birds / 1 stone